In order K.A.S.E.L.L. to achieve this goal, it certifies all stages of production process beginning with the first one regarding the primary production. Though the integrated management system AGRO 2.1 & 2.2 that we implement, we achieve rationalization of fertilizers’ and pesticides’ use. There are recommended, controlled and registered in farmers’ registries and agricultural farming methods and means of olive trees’ cultivation, friendly for the environment and for humans.

In the very short future, we will be able to produce also extra virgin olive oil, during the production of which the atmosphere shall not be burdened with carbon dioxide pollutants (climate neutral). The next certification is in the field of processing, with the application of ISO:22000 in all our olive oil presses. The implementation of this standard is a guarantee both for the security, hygiene and traceability of produced olive oil and the protection of the unique natural environment, wherein we live and work.

The olive oil’s bottling in its turn is effectuated according to the international standards ISO 22000 & IFS Food for the safeguard of the quality of the product that is offered to the consumer in its final form.

K.A.S.E.L.L.'s Extra Virgin Olive Oil under the trade name “Phileos” is considered a Protected Geographical Indication LACONIA (PGI LACONIA), since the total quantity of the bottled olive oil in our facilities is provided by our olive oil presses that follow the procedure PGI LACONIA. Finally, it is worthy of note that we also produce and standardize organic extra virgin olive oil, which is certified by the competent certification body.