K.A.S.E.L.L. S.A. is the former Association of Olive Oil Cooperatives of Epidaurus Limira, Laconia – abbreviation K.A.S.E.L.L. – which was established in 2002. Our head office with the standardisation facilities are located at Sykea, Municipality of Monemvasia, Laconia at the South-East Peloponnese, while our olive oil mills are placed at distance about 10 km. around the standardisation facilities. Our company produces packs and trades extra virgin olive oil of fine quality.

Therefore its potential comprises modern standardisation and packaging facilities for olive oil, 9 sophisticated and upgraded olive oil mills and about 3,500 olive producers – members (shareholders). K.A.S.E.L.L.'s annual production of extra virgin olive oil is around 5,000 tons with maximum guaranteed acidity level < 0.4%. The goal of K.A.S.E.L.L. is the promotion of qualitative extra virgin olive oil "Phileos" & "9" in distribution channels of foreign markets.

The countries we already export olive oil are: the U.S.A., Canada, China, Taiwan, Australia, South Africa, Iran, Great Britain, Germany, France, Denmark, Moldavia, Bulgaria and we keep on...